Dental treatment cost and prices

Dental treatment costs and pricesDental prices below are of informational nature only. For specific dental treatment cost & prices for plans or complete packages please make enquires at one of our availablities!

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Treatment Price
Consultation Free
First Panoramic X-ray Free
Panoramic X-ray 40 €
Small dental X-ray 20 €
3D X-ray 120 €
Dental hygiene package – (scale & polish, panoramic X-ray) 80 €
Extraction 50 €
Extraction (surgical) 150 €
Extraction of wisdom tooth 150 €
Resection (front) 150 €
Resection (back) 150 €
Sinus lift with material (Bio Oss – Bone grafting material) 690 €
Bone augmentation (min. price) 200 €
Dental Implant systems
Implant AlphaBio 540 €
AlphaBio standard titanium abutment 170 €
AlphaBio zirconium abutment 300 €
Implant NobelBiocare 840 €
NobelBiocare standard titanium abutment 210 €
NobelBiocare zirconium abutment 300 €
Root canal treatments
Root canal treatment for tooth with one root canal 100 €
Root canal treatment for tooth with two root canals 200 €
Root canal treatment for tooth with three root canals 300 €
Post or core for root canal treatment 100 €
Temporary filling for root canal treatments 30 €
Dental crowns, Bridges, Dentures
Crown, Bridge (porcelain fused to metal, per tooth) 200 €
Crown, Bridge (porcelain fused to gold, gold not included) 200 €
Crown (Cercon, per tooth) 370 €
Temporary crown per tooth made in the clinic 20 €
Temporary crown per tooth made in the technician 40 €
Removable plastic denture (per jawbone) 500 €
Removable metal denture (per jawbone) 600 €
Precision attachment 500 €
Precision attachment with denture 990 €
Overdenture (average price) 1.800 €
Gold surcharge per gramm 65 €
Dental conservations
Tooth coloured filling 70 €
Inlay (Belle Glas, Gradia) 250 €
Inlay (Gold) gold not included! 250 €
Porcelain Veneer 300 €
Tooth whitening
Zoom 2 – professional tooth whitening system 390 €
Plaque removal 50 €

Dental implants costs and prices abroad – Budapest, Hungary is a good choice!

Please note: dental treatment costs are much more affordable in Budapest, Hungary than in most Western-European countries and that of the EU member states like Ireland or the UK. Dental implants for instance may cost patients half the price in case of a full mouth teeth implant or All-on-4 implants. And it is not only this that makes it worthwhile having dental treatment abroad. Hungarian dental clinics are well equipped, use the best material from high quality dental care providers.

The highly tranied staff and the 10 year long guaratee makes Budapest, Hungary an affordable option for dental holiday makers. No wating lists, affordable prices make Budapest a prime target for dental patients! Frequent budget airlines from Dublin, London or Bristol make travelling to our dental clinic an easy thing.

We look forward to meeting you in person in Budapest! Read our UK hair transplant cost info as well!



Dental treatment cost and prices
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