Cost of hair transplant UK vs Hungary

How much does a hair transplant cost in the UK?FUE (follicular unit extraction) techique means the removal of the follicular units each by each, by the use of a micromotor punch knife and leaving several dots of minimal scars at the donor area which heals quickly and scarfree.

These very small scars are not visible. The FUE method is painless and takes about 6-8 hours to carry out. A FUE graft (hair follicles) contains 1-4 hairs on average – depending on the patient’s genetics.

Whether to get the hair treatment in UK or somewhere else – we will compare prices for you! How much does a hair transplant rates in the United Kingdom and how does it compare to Budapest? See USD prices here. Affordable, high quality hair restoration that gives you Harley Street treatment results at Turkish rates avoiding the assembly line approach typical of Turkish clinics – in the heart of Europe. 

FUE hair transplant prices UK vs Hungary – Big savings!

UK hair transplant rates 2019

Hair transplant zones to treat receding hairline and thinning hairThe number of grafts required during your FUE hair transplant depends on the severity of your hair loss. The earlier you get a hair transplant the better results you may have at the end of the day.

You may be suffering from receding hairline near the temples and forehead, or you may be experiencing significant hair thinning at the crown (vertex). We treat our male patients with all degrees of hair loss.

You may need about 1000 or 2000 hairs to be transplanted in mild cases, while severe baldness tends to call for 5000 or 6000 hairs (2 day session) to make you look better. It all depends on your personal needs and the volume of hair at your donor area.

We count the number of hairs (not grafts) to ensure greater precision and accuracy in achieving the density required for full hair transplant. As grafts are different with each person (some may have only 1-2 hairs in 1 graft while others may have 3-4) it is NOT FAIR to give a treatment plan based on males’ averages (they calculate 2.2 hairs on average) but do you have 2.2 hairs in one graft? How do you know?? Come and meet us and get a fair hair loss assessment and a personalised treatment plan!

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Until hair cloning becomes available to most male patients hair transplantation remains an affordable solution to their problem. Losing hair or getting bald can be annoying and largely can affects your self-esteem. In what cases can FUE technique help men? Most patients want to get back their young look if possible. Some people may want to increase the density of hair as thickness is a sign of power and energy. Other group of people are looking to get a lower hairline – as they have a receding hairline already. The bald spots on the top can be covered by hair taken from the back of the head. Also, it is not impossible to achieve a full head of hair if you decide well in time and you still have enough hair on the donor area.  If you suffer from an illness or your medical condition is causing the hair fall or the hair loss you may not be the right candidate yet to undergo the hair loss surgery. You need to have a clean record in terms of medical conditions causing severe hair loss. If in doubt consult with our hair surgeons who will tell you about the options to improve your hair growth.

Consider FUE hair transplant surgery abroad

  • if you are over 22 and not older than 65
  • if you have a receding hairline
  • if you want to increase density of your hair (thicker hair)
  • if you are getting bald on the top (crown, vertex)
  • if you suffer from male pattern baldness
  • if you want to look younger a bit
  • if you want to improve your self-esteem

FUE hair transplant UK vs Hungary: hairbreadth or graft?

Price of the FUE hair transplant in Hungary is 1.8 Euro / graft up to 1500 hair hairbreadth implanted, above 1500 pieces 0.79 Euro / hair. Compare the pricing of hair transplantation in the UK (£3.60) against the Budapest rates (£0.71) – you can save about 50-60% on average! You can get even bigger savings if you get the hair replacement surgery in one of the promotional sessions (better financial options when you pay in cash) where new patients are offered 10% off the regular prices!

Hair transplant FUE prices

Let’s see an example: 3000 hair implants in the UK is £7900 on average whereas the same treatment is only £2390 in Budapest. All it takes a 3 day travel with the flight and accommodation involved you can save £5500 theoratically. For unique, custome made quotes make enquires!

Why go abroad for hair replacement?

Hair transplant packages in Budapest, Hungary: consultation in Sheffield, Dublin, Manchester, Bristol, LeedsThere are several good reasons to consider before you decide on hair restoration. Price, quality of service, expertise of hair surgeons, trained and experienced team of the hair clinic all speak for Hungary as the venue of your hair restoration surgery.

Budapest is easy of reach from Ireland and UK – with budget airlines that operate several times a week. The flight takes 2.5 hours and all patients are picked up from the airport and will be taken to their hotel near the hair clinic.

Patients actually get better treatment in Hungary in many ways – they are looked after during their stay in Budapest. After the initial consultation you will get a detailed and personalised treatment plan. Information for male patients from Norway and Denmark or the Netherlands please visit our dedicated pages in your language!

Why Hungary for hair loss treatment?

Hair Transplant Clinic Budapest, HungaryBudapest has some advantages over other popular countries like Turkey or India. First such factor is its location. As Hungary lies in Central Europe you do not have to travel days to get to the clinic. This is important especially when you need several sessions for your hair restoration. Second reason to consider is warranty and legal requirements. As part of the EU Hungarian hair clinics have to meet the highest standards required by European law. Third aspect is the regulation that specifies that only trained hair surgeons can perform surgery in the European Union. If you compare expenditure and travel fuss you will see that male patients get the highest standard of service at an affordable expense. Again, check the number of grafts quoted against the average hairbreadth you may have to avoid being cheated.

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You do not have to buy a pig in a poke. You can talk to the actual hair doctor that gives you a treatment plan when meeting you in person during the free consultation near your place. Currently we have 7 consultation cities in the United Kingdom and one in Ireland. If you would like to send in your photos first and have a preliminary online consultation via mail or skype you can do so. Just let us know how we can help you to find a solution to your hair problem. Take the first step and fill in the form below and let us make your dream come true!

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